Why do the exercise and going to obesity?

Why is this happening? There are several reasons why, and in today’s article.
Today’s world dominated by beautiful and thin, almost forcing us to a specific lifestyle, membership under strict diet or walking for fitness. It’s bad, but certain not only that it is hard to keep your dream weight, yet despite the exercises get fat.


Causes of weight gain


I remember, as a few years ago I gained a lot, small steps and go unnoticed over 10 kg more than usual, and yet (so I thought) not I ate more than usual. Unfortunately, after analyzing the diet it was found that there was too much sweet and not enough water and traffic. Today I am happy to normal appearance and health first and foremost.

Why do the exercise and going to obesity?

Why do the exercise and going to obesity?


Weight gain causes the created fat cells will never disappear. If you lose weight, only to decrease, dry up, but as soon as they get an extra portion of food, fill up again. Weight gain is also a long-running process. No one within a few days they will become suddenly 10 kg. Unfortunately due to negligence, stuffing our mouths to unhealthy food type of fast food and candy, a very small amount of movement and bad habits. You also need to identify the fact that some people have a greater tendency to gain weight, while others do not. Do not, however, give up, the process of slimming will may be longer, but it is worth it to sacrifice.

Why do the exercise and obesity ?
For women the process of gaining weight is the responsibility of the main hormones and, above all, estrogen. He “pushes” the unwanted fat in such places as the hips, thighs or ass, and also causes water retention in the body, with the result that we feel swollen. Women also have less muscle than men at the expense of fat-this is easier for them to “accumulate” fat.
Men more difficult to gain weight than the ladies. If this happens, obesity for men is very dangerous. Even “the beer muscle”-is nothing but a fat that is not how to be expelled from the body. Hence men more likely to suffer from heart or have breathing problems.


Causes of weight gain


Not too fattening for no reason. Here are the most common reasons for weight gain.


1. Genetic predisposition

Some people from generation to generation are given genes responsible for weight gain and weight gain. Are responsible for food intake and release of energy from it.


2. Poor diet and lack of exercise

Women, but also men increasingly take to being on a diet. Types of diet is packed with, are more or less restrictive, multi-day and long-lasting. Poor diet, chosen without consulting with a nutritionist, can trigger more havoc than bring benefit. In addition, the month of abstinence does not cause that immediately we will be slimmer. You need a large discipline, self-denial, do not forget physical activity. Otherwise,  the effect of jojo and weight will return with redoubled force.


3. The disease

The extra inches are also somatic disease or diabetes, thyroid, etc. Hormonal changes make it harder to trawimy some foods and although healthy eating weight increases.

Why do the exercise and going to obesity?

Weight loss

4. Stress and tension

Stress and continuous haste that the food we put in last place. We eat in speed, przełykamy large pieces of food, and the body deal with it there. In stressful situations often zajadamy difficult situations, landed on the couch with something sweet or a ton of unhealthy food, full of empty calories.


5. Quitting

Smoking is the Act, in the course of which we lose calories, in addition, tar can reduce appetite, so the smoker does not feel hunger. In the course of smoking cessation is something missing, so I replaced it to cravings, snacks and as a result the weight increases.


6. Age and changes in the body

With age it slows down our metabolism, digestive system much harder to converts the food we need more exercise to burn unnecessary calories. Our body also with age increases the amount of body fat at the expense of muscle tissue, thus maintaining the ideal weight can be very difficult.


It remains one the Council. You need to move a lot, eat 4-5 small meals throughout the day, drink plenty of water and enjoy the life. With your head of course, and then pizza or sweets will not immediately cause growth.

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